My Piano Orignal-Eternal Tears

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I did not want to do covers of songs because they are all hard songs for me at the moment ….(7 months of piano playing for someone who’s not naturally talented at piano ..).So just decided to do an original….Had to work really hard to get it…3 hours of just experimenting with the keys….but I think it turned out well…Please comment at my youtube channel thank you!

My Piano Orignal (1)

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I think this is by far the best That I have composed …rather messed around with the piano ..It is kind of peaceful and mysterious all at the same time..


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After the first video (messing with piano 1) i sat down on the piano and wanted to upload a song which was not influenced by Indian music…hence i just played randomly taking some care to prevent it from sounding horrible and it turned out quite decent…Its again peaceful..

Messing with the keys : )

My Orignal – Melody

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I was just messing around with the piano and somehow the fingers just moved on their own and as a result…I wouldnt say its beautiful to listen to but i found it quite peaceful .My beginners attempt at composing…)

Messing with Music.

Composer :A R Rahman

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A very dreamy instrumental created by my favorite and probably the favorite of about 1 billion people(maybe more after Jai -ho’s success and slumdog millionaire).Piano intro is splending and string section is awesome.

Minagoroshi No elegy-Piano

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A simple song and a great song to learn.The first song that I took the effort to learn ,simply because i didnt get depressed when i first looked at the score.

Her Most Beautiful Smile

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” Basically I started this blog to express things related to music…..and maybe other stuff  which hopefully don’t engage too much of my real life.About me:I have been learning piano for about 7 months now and its hard to believe that i am actually able to play the piano…Although I have to say i am not any good …at the moment..based on  my opinion…..My intrest in music drove me to start playing piano (watching piano players  on YouTube play beautiful songs).Hopefully in 2 years time i would be a decent pianist….(someone who can say that he can play some nice songs : ) ).My favorite composer is A R Rahman. .definitely favorite  (will be talking about him in my posts to come )..and there are a few others like Howard shore and James Horner  who ‘s music i have taken a liking to (i am not a 1 dimensional music fan .peace : ).”

I do have a YouTube Account by the name of kairthguitarist….where i will upload (hopefully)videos of me playing piano and other music stuff…..If you have time please check them out (they wont be extremely dissappointing…just a bit).


Music : part of life.